Modern Spanish Kitchen Remodel

Spanish style kitchen

This project’s challenge was to maintain the existing building footprint, but utilize the space better .  The strategy was to enlarge openings into the kitchen from the main hall that leads directly out to the rear courtyard, as well as increasing the size of the kitchen windows to provide more natural light and cross breezes.  There was also a desire to provide a true mud room where jackets and muddy soccer shoes could be left.  Because the site was sloping uphill and the house stepped up with it, there was a vacant space under the house that became the space for the additional mud & laundry room space.

The house has some unique features and a great deal of character and details that were important to recall as the kitchen design and vision began to unfold.  For one, the existing spanish tile floor spanned throughout the entire first floor space, making it entirely necessary to try to salvage and replicate at the time of the kitchen remodel.  It poses a great challenge to try to match tile once it’s been worn for many years.  In this case, the client was savvy enough to come up with a tile finisher who would copy the exisiting tile size andThe rolled plastered corners throughout the house were detailed through the kitchen and mudroom.

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