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I always knew I wanted to be an architect.  It won’t surprise you that I loved  (and love) playing with Legos.  However, most kids buy the kit to build a police station, fire house, or space station per the directions in the box.  Me, on the other hand, ditched the instructions and would use the legos to build lego houses.  One of my proudest designs was an all white house built from a police station kit.  And, did you know that matchbox cars fit perfectly onto the lego roads and garages?  My brother and I figured out a way to fulfill our love for matchbox cars, building legos and my chance to construct a mini suburban community all in the small confines in the ‘workroom’ of our Palo Alto home.  The truth is, watching our house be built at age 9 clearly left an impression.  I loved looking at the blueprints, figuring out the rooms and luckily losing a battle on tile selection for my first own bathroom (I was fighting for rainbow tiles and teddy bears).  At the time, our house was extremely modern and cutting edge, I loved how different and unique it was.
I would often draw floor plans or erect paper houses of my dream home.  My dollhouse, in its original form, didn’t cut it with the growing family that resided there — they needed a family room and additional bedroom for the third baby, so, like any 10 year old would, I instructed the dollhouse shop how I’d like to bump out the footprint of the dollhouse to provide more space.  I selected all the wallpaper, carpet, fixtures and furnishings.  It was the closest thing to my own dream house and sure beat the plastic pieces of the lego sets I had abandoned downstairs.
It was during a summer in college when I did an architecture program in Cambridge that I clearly saw that I could spend hours designing and lose track of time.  How incredible to spend so much time on something and be completely lost in the details and construction of that model or drawing, I knew that was ‘it’, I’d found that balance of creativity matched by challenge and stimulation.
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